In this article, we're going to take a look at the Calendar page.

The Calendar page contains the publishing calendar for a project. Keep in mind that each project has its own publishing calendar.

The calendar will list all items that have at least one workflow status with a due date. Items that don't have any due dates will not be visible here including items that have already been published or completed without any set due dates.

The items are color-coded to indicate the expected workflow status they should be for that date. For example, assuming you're using the default workflow statuses, if an article is due for writing on May 15th, it will show up in the publishing calendar in the color purple, the default color for editorial review status.

Clicking on an item in the calendar brings out more information about it. It allows you to message the responsible individuals for the article and to change assigned users and due dates through Manage people and due dates link at the bottom of the window.

Manage people and due dates link brings up another window that will let you change responsible users and due dates.

If you're already familiar with the app, you may have noticed that this is the same window you'll see on other parts of the app when dealing with people and due dates.

Tip: If you want to assign someone to a workflow status but their name doesn't appear when they're supposed to be, check out Why can't I assign a user to a task?