Account-level vs Project-level menus

In EasyContent, we have two types of navigational menus. The first one is the account level menu (#1) and the second one is the project level menu (#2).

Account Level Menu

The account level menu is visible at all times wherever you are in the EasyContent app. It's the topmost menu with a white background.

It provides access to global settings and tools that allow you to make changes that can affect all your projects.

The menu items that appear here can vary greatly between different users depending on their permissions.

Project Level Menu

The project level menu appears only when you are inside a project. It's the submenu underneath the account level menu and has a blue background.

It provides access to settings and tools that allow you to make changes affecting only the specific project you belong to.

As with the account level menu, the set of items depends on your set of permissions.

It's important to keep in mind that any changes you make to the settings and configurations of items found in the project level menu don't affect other projects you have.