For Website Owners
Effectively manage a team of writers, editors and subject matter experts. One-click publish to Wordpress. SEO plugins support.
For Agencies
Unlimited number of users and projects. Approval access for clients. Deep customization.
For Businesses
Whether you need to gather content for your new corporate website, regularly update your social media or plan your weekly newsletter - we have it covered.
Absolutely free and no credit card required

Key Features

Absolutely free and no credit card required


It's FREE!
Though its free and you can use our tool without limitations, we may introduce paid plans in the future. In any case we expect our basic plan to remain free for all users.


I am currently using Google Docs. What can you do better?
Google docs or MS Office are mainly about creating and editing texts. EasyContent is a much more powerful tool that allows for customized workflows, easy collaboration, reporting and integration with CMS. You'll have everything in one place, and you'll never lose track of your content.
Why is EasyContent free?
We've been using this system to create and manage content for our own web projects. Recently, we have decided to open it to the world and let other people enjoy it. There are still some interesting features that we plan to introduce before we start thinking of making this system commercial.
I can do that in Wordpress using plugins. Why should I use EasyContent?
With Wordpress you are very limited by its restrictions. True, you can organize your content operations inside Wordpress with the help of various plugins, but this system becomes hardly manageable when you need to do it across several websites. With EasyContent you'll have more flexibility and more tools, and you'll have it all in one place.
I need my client/manager to review content before it is published. Can I do that with EasyContent?
Absolutely. Start with creating a role for your client or manager. Give them whatever permissions they need. Then invite them to EasyContent and assign them this role you've created. Finally, link this role to a dedicated workflow stage and you are all set! You can make this stage read-only if you don't want them to make any edits.
What can I do with an article after it's written?
After an article is written and approved, you can export it to html, docx or pdf, copy it from our text editor or publish it directly to Wordpress.
I want a feature that you don't have
Reach out using the contact form below. We live to meet our clients' needs and we are constantly adding new features, so we might design and implement what you've requested. Sometimes it can take as little as one week.
Absolutely free and no credit card required

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