Website Owners
Effectively manage a team of writers, editors and subject matter experts. One-click publish to Wordpress. SEO plugins support.
Content Marketing Agencies
Unlimited number of users and projects. Approval access for clients. Customizable templates, roles and workflow.
Whether you need to regularly update content for your corporate website or plan your weekly newsletter - we have it covered.
It's free for smaller accounts. Takes only 1 minute to get started.
No credit card required.

You will benefit from EasyContent if:

  1. You produce and publish at least 5 content items per month and have a team of at least 3 people who are involved in content creation and approval.
  2. You use some kind of a workflow where the person who approves or publishes content is different from the person who creates it.
  3. You need more transparency and more flexible roles than Google Docs, Dropbox, Trello or your current CMS allows you.
  4. You want to create your own custom templates.
  5. Your websites use Wordpress. This is not mandatory and you can use EasyContent without it. However, our one-click two-way integration with Wordpress makes your life so much easier!
  6. You don't want to pay for subscriptions or start a trial. You just want to use the software free until you realize its benefit and decide to scale up.

Key Features

It's free for smaller accounts. Takes only 1 minute to get started.
No credit card required.


We use pay-as-you-go pricing with free tier. No more headache trying to figure out which plan fits you best. Just click the orange button below and scale your content production!

  • There is no limitation on features. All features are available to you from day one.
  • Thanks to our free tiers, you pay only when you grow. Smaller clients can enjoy all EasyContent's features for FREE.
  • You will have detailed statistics on your usage and limits in your account settings.
  • No credit card is required for the free tier. This is enough for most smaller accounts to stay free.
  • No more hassle with upgrading and downgrading your subscription, or freezing your subscription when you don't need it. You pay only for your usage. Simple as that!

Estimate your monthly costs

How many content items will you complete per month?

How many approval statuses will each of them go through?

Usually, accounts use at least 4 statuses:

  • In writing
  • Editorial review
  • Ready for publishing
  • Completed

More complicated content approval workflows can also include "SME review" and "Client review"

How much storage will your account use?

We also offer custom pricing to fit your specific requirements. Please reach out at

Get custom pricing


I am currently using Google Docs. Why is EasyContent better?
Although Google Docs and MS Office have some collaboration features, they are mainly about creating and editing texts. EasyContent is a specialized application that in addition to content creation allows for customizable workflow, reporting and integrations. You'll have everything in one place, and you'll never lose track of your content.
Is EasyContent free?
EasyContent is free for most smaller clients. We have free tiers allowing you to use our system free of charge until your use scales up. We want to help you grow your business first. Pay us only after you enjoy the immense time-saving benefits EasyContent provides.
Our team uses Wordpress for content creation and collaboration. Why should I consider EasyContent?
With Wordpress you are very limited by its restrictions. True, you can organize your content operations inside Wordpress with the help of various plugins, but this setup is hardly manageable when scaling it across several websites. With EasyContent you'll have more flexibility and more tools, and you'll have it all in one place.
I need my client/manager to review content before it is published. Can I do that with EasyContent?
Absolutely. Start with creating a role for your client or manager. Give them whatever permissions they need. Then invite them to EasyContent and assign them this role you've created. Finally, link this role to a dedicated workflow stage and you are all set! You can make this stage read-only if you don't want them to make any edits.
What can I do with an article after it's written?
At any time, you can export it to html, docx or pdf, copy it from our text editor or publish directly to Wordpress.
I want a feature I don’t see.
Reach out using the contact form below. We go out of our way to meet our clients' needs. It’s very likely your suggested feature will soon become available inside EasyContent. Sometimes it can take as little as one week. So go ahead and contact us!
It's free for smaller accounts. Takes only 1 minute to get started.
No credit card required.

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