Syncing EasyContent with WordPress

Before we begin, make sure you've installed, activated, and configured our plugin. This feature will only be available if you've correctly set it up. Learn how to do that here.

After installing and configuring the plugin, you will see a new widget in the post editor. Its location varies slightly depending on whether you're using the classic post editor or the newer block (a.k.a Gutenberg) editor.

Sync an Article Using the Classic Editor

After installing the plugin you will see a new widget named EasyContent in the upper right area of the post editor page.

To upload the article to EasyContent, use Push. On the other hand, to download the article from EasyContent, use Pull.

Sync an Article Using the Block Editor (a.k.a. Gutenberg Editor)

The EasyContent widget remains in a roughly similar position in the Block Editor compared to the Classic Editor. It's found under the Status & visibility section under the Document tab on the right side of the screen by default.

Like in the classic editor, Pull is used to download the article from EasyContent while Push is used to upload the article to EasyContent.

Keep in mind that some Block Elements will not display properly in EasyContent's text editor.

When using the Block Editor (Gutenberg Editor), if you want to push an article from WordPress to EasyContent, make sure you either Save draft or Update it first if you made changes to your article's text. Pushing it first and then saving it (or not) won't sync the changes you made to EasyContent.

Publishing an Article to WordPress

To publish an article to WordPress, simply select the Publish to WP option in the publish actions menu (the three dots beside the save draft button).

Important Things to Know

  • You can push an article to EasyContent even if it wasn't originally there.
  • If you have the Classic Editor installed and activated and you have the option allowing users to switch between Classic and Block editor, then all articles you "Publish to WP" in EasyContent will default to using the Classic Editor.
  • When using the Block Editor, you have to update the article in WordPress after pulling it from EasyContent to see the changes.
  • If you push a page from WordPress to EasyContent and then you made changes on it in EasyContent and then send it back to WordPress using the "Publish to WP" button, it will be converted to post (the page you had in WordPress will be deleted and converted to post type automatically).

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