Add Our Email Addresses to Your Safe Sender List

If you are assigned to many projects and tasks or if you're an account owner overseeing multiple projects at once, you may find that you're receiving a lot of emails from EasyContent if you opt-in to receive email notifications.

While you can configure your email notification settings to send you fewer messages, there are times when you need to be able to get notified about almost everything that's happening in a project, so you have no choice but to receive notifications as frequently as you can.

With this frequency, however, your email provider may mark some of those emails as spam and put them into your spam (or junk) folder. This could result in you missing some important notifications about the projects you're managing or working on.

Thankfully, most email providers have an option allowing you to add email addresses or domains into a "safe sender list", or "white list" or even "trusted senders", depending on your mail provider's jargon.

Below, we'll describe the steps on how to add our email addresses to some of the most popular email provider's safe sender list.

Table of Contents (Hotmail)

Click one of our email messages, then in the upper right corner of that message, click the menu dot, and find the option Add to Safe senders.

A confirmation box will appear. Click OK to add our email to your outlook safe senders and you're all set!


To add our email address to safe senders in Gmail, click the down arrow in the email search box located in the upper area of the page. This will open up a tool allowing you to perform advanced mail search and filters.

In the From field, type "" without quotes. Then, click Create filter at the bottom of the box.

In the next section, tick the box to Never send it to Spam and then click the Create filter button.

You're all set!


Click one of our messages. At the top of the message, click the dropdown menu and then select Add Sender to Contacts.

By adding us as a contact, messages from us won't be marked as spam anymore.


Login to cPanel. Find the Email section, the find Spam Filters.

Once you're on the Spam Filters page, scroll down until you get to the Additional Configurations (For Advanced Users) section.

Click the Show Additional Configurations link, then under Whitelist (Emails Always Allowed), click the Edit Spam Whitelist Settings link.

Next, click Add A New "whitelist_from" item and in the textbox, type "*" without quotes. Finally, click the Update Whitelist (whitelist_from) button to save it.

Now, all our emails will be excluded from getting marked as spam by your cPanel account.

If you feel like you've been getting a lot of notification emails, you can easily change your email notification settings to lessen the frequency of emails.