Users: Editing, Deleting & Deactivating

This article outlines how to edit, delete, and deactivate a user.

The Users page contains the names, email addresses, roles, number of assigned projects, and last login time of everyone in your account along with the tools you need to manage them.

Editing User Data

To edit a user's data, click the pencil icon.

Clicking this brings up a modal window with the corresponding user's information.

Reminder: changes you make here won't notify the affected user. This could potentially lead to confusion. You have to manually notify them about the changes yourself.

Deactivating a User

To deactivate a user, click the lock icon.

Deactivating a user prevents them from accessing their account, restricting them from all projects they're assigned to. If you just want to restrict them from accessing a certain project, remove them from the said project instead.  Learn how to remove a user from a project here.

Deleting a User

To delete a user, click the trash icon.

Deleting a user won't instantly remove their data from our servers. You can reinvite them back and they will be able to access all items and retain all data that were associated with them before deletion.

In the event that the deleted user creates their own account on EasyContent using the same email they had when they were a part of your team, you don't have to worry about them being able to access your projects. They won't be able to access your projects unless you reinvite them back to your account.

If you do reinvite them back to your account after they made their own, they will be able to choose between logging in to their own account or logging in with their account that's part of your account.

Since you just learned about managing your users, why don't you learn about roles and permissions next?