In this article, we're going to take a look at the Categories page.

This page lets you create and manage a project's categories. These categories can be used to organize your tasks and assignments.

This page is relatively simple. You can create, edit, or delete a category.

You can rearrange the categories by clicking and dragging their hamburger icon. Notice how child categories move with their parent in the example gif below.

Creating a New Category

To create a new category, click the Add new category button located in the upper right of the page.

This will bring out a dialog box asking you for your new category's name.

Once you've named your new category, click the green Create button and you're done!

Editing and Deleting Categories

To edit a category, click the edit icon of the corresponding category. Doing that transforms the said icon into a save icon to let you save whatever changes you've made. To cancel the changes, click the "X" icon instead.

To delete a category, click the trash icon just next to the edit icon.

We also have a Delete all button which can be found next to the Add new category button on the upper right of the page. 

Keep in mind that deleting a category is irreversible.