Users with manage categories permission can access this page.

You can access the Categories page via the sidebar menu if a project is selected in the project dropdown. Each project has its own set of categories. These categories can be used to organize your content items and briefs.

You can rearrange the categories by clicking and dragging their hamburger icon. Notice how child categories move with their parent in the example below.

Creating a New Category

Click the "ADD CATEGORY" button located in the upper right of the page to add a new category. This will bring out a modal asking you for your new category's name. Provide a name and click create and you're done!

Editing and Deleting Categories

To edit a category, click the "EDIT" button next to it.

To delete a category, click the trashcan icon just next to the edit button. There is also a "DELETE ALL" button which can be found next to the "ADD CATEGORY" button on the upper right of the page. Keep in mind that deleting a category is irreversible.