In this article, we're going to take a look at the Files page.

Every project has its own files and every assignment in a project has its own set of files. Different assignments within a single project can't share files with one another. You can upload a single file several times into different assignments and it will appear as many times in the Files page with an exactly similar name, as you can see below.

Only users that have the Manage files permissions can access the Files page. Aside from that, no other permissions are required to fully unlock everything on this page.

Let's discuss the Files page in more detail.

  1. Search & select all - allows you to search a file by name and to select all files, respectively.
  2. Download all project files - zips and downloads all project files.
  3. Download selected files - zips and downloads selected files.
  4. Delete selected files - permanently deletes selected files (there is no confirmation dialog for this!)
  5. Change view - lets you change between grid and list views.

If you hover your mouse over a single file in Grid view, you'll see additional information about it such as its name, where it's attached to, who uploaded it, date of upload, and filesize. Options to download or delete it will also appear.

Tip: List view provides a "complete info view" of every file in a project at the cost of more UI space. If you want to have a full overview of every file, you'll want to use this over grid view. This is also useful if you have many "duplicate" images.