Project Settings

The Project Settings page allows you to configure various options for a project.

Accessing Project Settings

There are two ways to access project settings.

Method 1

Select the project you want to configure through the project dropdown in the sidebar menu (#1). Then go to its dashboard (#2) and click Project Settings (#3).

Method 2

You can also access this page from the All Projects page. Find the project you want to configure, click the three vertical dot icons to reveal the project card menu, and then click settings.

Configuring Project Settings

The project settings page is divided into three sections.

The Project settings section allows you to rename or delete the current project.

The Assigned users section allows you to view and change the currently assigned users for the project.

The Email notification settings let you enable or disable email notifications from the current project.

Renaming or Deleting a Project

To rename a project, click the change project name button. A dialog window will let you enter a new name for your project.

The delete project button will delete the project. Deleting a project is irreversible.

If you think you might need the project in the future, you can archive it instead. Archiving a project makes it inactive and will hide it from the project list, but all its data will remain intact.

Assigning or Removing Users from a Project

Clicking on the names reveals a dropdown selection containing all active users in your account. Select or unselect the ones you want to add or remove.

Email Notification Settings

If this is deactivated, all assigned users will not receive any email notifications from this project.

If this is activated, the type of email notifications a user will receive depends on their email settings.