This documentation will cover the Mailbox page.

Each project has its mailbox. Messages in Project A can't be viewed if you are in Project B.

You can't send a message to someone if you don't belong to the same project, even if both of you are under the same account. This does not apply to the account owner, however.

If you have unread messages, you will see a notification badge on the envelope icon in the account menu. The number indicates how many unread messages you have.

Clicking the envelope icon menu item doesn't take you to the mailbox page, instead, it shows a quick preview of the most recent messages you've received.

From there, you can click "Mark all as read" to dismiss the notification badge or you can click the "Go to mailbox" button to go to the mailbox page.

Sending Messages

To compose a new message, click the New Message (#1) button under the Actions widget located on the left side of the page.

This will display the Compose message (#2) screen (shown above).

Under Please choose recipients (#3), you can select multiple users by holding CTRL or COMMAND and then left-clicking the names of the users you want to send a message to. You can also use the Project Team (#5) widget to select users to send messages to.

You can select a content item to "attach" to your message in the Regarding (#4) dropdown. You'll typically use this if you want to message someone about a particular item, for example, to ask them about its progress. Selecting an item will update the list of recipients to display only those who can access it or are responsible for one or more of its workflow statuses.

Viewing Your Inbox & Sent Mail

When you access your mailbox via the Mailbox icon > Go to mailbox from the account menu, you'll automatically be redirected to your inbox. Alternatively, you can click Inbox under the Navigation widget on the left side of the mailbox page to view your inbox.

To view messages you've sent, click on Sent mail which is located just under Inbox.

Deleting Messages

To delete a message, click the trash icon of the corresponding message you want to delete.

You can also batch-delete messages by using the checkbox next to them. Once you're done selecting messages, click the Delete button, which is just next to the Mark as read button.

If you want to delete everything, you can use the Clear inbox or Clear sent mail links. This will delete all messages in either your inbox or sent mail.


Do note that deleted messages can't be recovered.

Replying to Messages

To reply to a message directly, click the reply icon of the corresponding message.

You can also reply to a message while viewing it by clicking the green reply button located at the bottom of a message.