Communication report

Communication report displays all messages exchanged between your team members as well as all comments left on all items, widgets, or snippets of text including those left by guest users. It allows you to finely track the progress of every project.

You can access this page through the account level menu, under Reports. Note that only users with the View communication report permission will be able to access this.

The page is divided into two tabs: one for messages and one for comments. You can switch to the tab you want to view through the buttons in the upper right area of the page. They're located right next to the project filter.


The messages tab contains all messages exchanged between your team members.

Each message is displayed as a card. Every card has a set of properties, which are explained below.

  1. The sender and the receiver along with their roles. The project where the message was sent is also shown below.
  2. The attached content item, if there is one. You can click it to view.
  3. The message body.
  4. The date the message was sent.


The comments tab displays all comments from all projects including those left by a guest user.

Each comment is displayed as a card, just like messages.

  1. Commenter name and their role. The project where the comment was left is also shown underneath it.
  2. The content item where the comment was left. You can click it to view.
  3. The widget where the comment was left. In the example, the comment was left on the "featured image" widget in the "meta data & files" tab.
  4. The comment body.
  5. The date of the comment.

Searching and Filtering

You can search messages and comments by text, user, or content item using the search box or via the filter by project option. Using a combination of the two will allow you to conduct a fine-tuned search.

If you're viewing the comments tab, in addition to the search and filter options, you will see the "show resolved" option. By default, if a comment is marked as resolved, it will be hidden from the communication report. Activating the "show resolved" option allows you to see those comments in the communication report.