Profile Settings

Your profile settings contain options for configuring your name, email address, and email notification settings. You can also reset your password here.

You can access your profile settings anywhere in EasyContent as long as you're logged in. To do so, click on your avatar on the upper right corner of a page. Then, click on "edit profile".

Your profile settings window will appear.

Change your display name under name.

Change your email address under email. If you want to change your password, use the "send password reset email" link.

ℹ The "Assigned projects section will only appear if you have the "manage projects" and "manage people" permissions.

Configuring Email Notification Settings

If you're receiving too few or too many emails from us, you may want to configure your email notification settings. Here's a quick overview of what each option does:

  • Account activity reporting - sends you emails about your account activity.
  • Project activity reporting - sends you emails about different project activities like when someone assigns someone to a brief or when someone claims a content item, etc.
  • Message / Comment received - sends you an email whenever someone sends you a message within EasyContent.
  • Feedback on a content item - sends you an email whenever you receive feedback on an item you're working on.
  • Deadline missed - sends you an email whenever an item you're assigned to has missed its due date.
  • Digest of assignments - this option will send you an email containing the list of content items you're currently responsible for. You can choose to receive reminders every 1224, or 48 hours or you can disable this by choosing never.

To learn more about how to configure your email notification settings, check out this article: Configuring Your Email Notification Settings.