The Users page is where you can see all users registered under your account. Listed here are your users' names, email addresses, roles, number of projects they're assigned to, and their last active time.

Aside from that, there are also various tools here that you can use to manage these users.

Inviting Users

To invite new users to your account, click the Invite new people button in the upper right corner of the page. This will bring up a window asking you about the new user's name and email address. You can also optionally assign them to a project. More information can be found in Inviting Users to Your Account.

Deleting a User

To delete a user, simply click the trash icon of the user you want to delete.

Editing a User

To edit a user, click the pencil icon of the user you want to edit. Keep in mind that the changes you made here will not notify the said user so you will have to manually do it.

Some things to keep in mind:

A deleted user will not be able to access your account anymore, however, there could be an event where that said user creates his own account on EasyContent (perhaps they want to use the app for their own projects) using the same exact info they had when they were a part of your team. 

When that happens, they will remain unable to access your projects or your account. So you don't have to worry about anything.

But there's something that you might find interesting.

If for some reason, you reinvite them back to your team, then they will be able to retain their previous data in your projects such as the articles they wrote, the edits they've made, the feedback they've left, etc. This will basically make it as if you just deactivated and then reactivated them in your account.

In addition to that, they will retain the same role and set permissions they had when you've deleted them from your account. There's no need to worry about them having account-level permissions on your projects now that they have their own "owner account" unless you explicitly gave them the required permissions yourself.

Deactivating a User

To deactivate a user, click the lock icon for the user you want to deactivate. A deactivated user won't be able to access their account, barring them from accessing any projects they're assigned to.

You can batch delete, edit or deactivate users by using the checkboxes beside their names.

For more details about editing, deleting, and deactivating a user, check out Managing Users: Editing, Deleting, and Deactivating Users.