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EasyContent vs WordPress

EasyContent vs WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) today, used by millions of websites operated by different kinds of users.

The Problem with WordPress

WordPress isn't exactly made for teams producing lots of content on a regular basis. It does have features like post status and user roles, but they're very basic.

You can make WordPress an excellent content production and collaboration platform with the help of various plugins, but this solution has its downsides.

First, you'll need to find different plugins for different features. For example, an editorial calendar plugin, a task assignment plugin, a project management plugin, etc. This will bloat your website, which could cripple its performance.

Next, most of them will require a premium subscription to make the most out of them. You'll have to manage multiple subscriptions at once.

Then, there's the problem of possible incompatibilities and the different levels of code quality. This can introduce strange behavior, crashes, and even security vulnerabilities, all of which are serious problems.

What about an "all-in-one" plugin?

While this sounds ideal, it's still not the best solution. There are some "all-in-one" plugins out there that can turn WordPress into a fully pledged content collaboration platform. However:

  • One subscription or license for a single site - most of the time, premium WordPress themes and plugins (which includes "all-in-one" plugins) sell licenses or subscriptions that can only be used by a single site. If you have multiple sites, you'll have to buy multiple licenses or subscriptions.
  • All data are in your site's database - every custom table or setting the plugin needs to keep track of workflow status, custom users, projects, etc. will have to be added to your site's database.
  • Performance is limited by your server - if you have many visitors browsing your site and multiple team members working on multiple tasks at the same time, your server could take a hit.

Introducing EasyContent

EasyContent is purposefully built for producing content at scale and is also made to seamlessly connect to WordPress. The idea is to separate your content production and collaboration environment from your publishing environment.

EasyContent WordPress
Customizable content templates Yes No (Yes with plugins)
Customizable workflows Yes No (Yes with plugins)
Editorial calendar Yes No (Yes with plugins)
Inline comments Yes No (Yes with plugins)
Task deadlines Yes No (Yes with plugins)
Revisions Yes Yes
Task assignment Yes No (Yes with plugins)
Custom user roles and permissions Yes Yes

Blazing Fast Performance

As you've learned earlier, the all-in-one plugin solution relies on your server's processing power. This could affect your website's performance.

Doing your content collaboration and production on EasyContent won't have any adverse effect on your website's performance. Everything pertaining to your collaboration efforts will be handled by our servers. We will ensure that your team will always have a blazing fast experience when collaborating.

Work Together from One Place

If you're managing multiple WordPress websites, then you know the pain of providing every one of your team members access to all of them. You also have to make sure that they have the correct permissions and roles.

This can be very frustrating not only for you, but for your team as well, especially if you have dozens of websites.

Moreover, you also most likely have your admin access restricted by IP to prevent brute force attacks. If you have to give all of your team members access to all of your websites, that also means whitelisting their IPs. This could be a cumbersome task depending on the size of your team and the number of websites you operate. You might also need to update this whitelist from time to time or add additional IPs if needed.

If you use EasyContent, you don't have to give anyone access to any of your websites or configure your whitelisted IP addresses every so often.

All of your site's contents will be produced here, from draft to finish. It doesn't matter if you have two sites, or a dozen, or even a hundred, your team members only need a single login credential -- one for EasyContent.

When your content is ready, all you need to do (or anyone, if you give them permission) is to click the Publish to WP button, and in a few moments, it will be live on your site without you, or anyone else, ever touching it.

One Subscription is All You Need

There's no single site license. There's no individual member pricing. Choose a tier fit to your team's needs, invite all your team members, and connect all of your websites. Just like that, you're ready to go!

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