EasyContent uses pay-as-you-go pricing. Thanks to our free tier, small customers can use our application free of charge. You only start to pay as your business grows and usage increases.

Your bill is only based on your actual usage for the month (measured in status changes and storage). This means you don’t have to worry about selecting the right subscription plan.

We allow our small customers to use EasyContent free of charge and only pay when their business grows and their usage increases.

We also offer custom pricing to fit your specific requirements. Please reach out at

Status changes

As a workflow software company, status changes is a way we measure activity.

Status changes include:

  • Creating an article by reserving a topic or assigning it to a user.
  • Submitting, approving or rejecting an article.
  • Manually changing article status in the EasyContent app or through our Wordpress plugin.
  • Pulling or pushing an article from and to a connected website through our plugin.
  • Canceling an article.

We allow up to 100 status changes per month free of charge. After this we charge $0.17 per status change.


Storage includes files you attach to articles in your account. We don't charge you for your article content, revisions, and messages. Every account has 1 GB of free file storage. After this we charge $4.5 per GB. We only take into account the storage your account occupies at the end of your billing cycle.

  Free tier Price above free tier
Status change 100 $0.17 / change
Storage < 1 GB $4.5 / GB

You can use our price calculator on the home page to estimate your monthly invoice based on usage.

Getting started with a free account is a terrific way to see how EasyContent can make managing content creation for you and your team SO much easier. It's free for smaller accounts. Takes only 1 minute to get started. No credit card required.

Monitoring usage and invoices

You can always find your current period usage along with estimated bill in your account settings.

If you have any questions about pricing or billing we are always ready to help, just reach out at