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EasyContent vs Google Docs

EasyContent vs Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most popular collaborative content editors in the world, but it lacks several key features that make it the perfect tool for producing high-quality content at scale, especially for a team consisting of multiple individuals.

EasyContent comes with all the necessary features and more to help your team quickly plan and produce quality content.

EasyContent Google Docs
Customizable content templates Yes No
Customizable workflows Yes No
Editorial calendar Yes No (Yes with G Suite)
Inline comments Yes Yes
Task deadlines Yes No (Yes with G Suite)
Revisions Yes Yes
Native WordPress integration Yes No
Task assignment Yes No (Yes with G Suite)
Custom user roles and permissions Yes No
File Storage Yes Yes

The EasyContent Advantage

Unlike Google Docs, whose sole purpose is to help you write content, EasyContent comes with project management, content planning, and content workflow tools in one package.

While you can upgrade Google Docs to GSuite (now called Google Workspace) or pair it with external apps like Trello or Asana to obtain similar results, there is a problem.

All of these tools, apps, and websites are separate platforms. While some of them are made to work "seamlessly" with others, some of them aren't; plus, incompatibilities can still arise from time to time, especially when one of the tools brings a major update to the table.

There's also the problem of having to manage several tools at once. You'll need to pay for multiple subscriptions, ensure that your team members have an account in all of the apps you use, and many others.

In EasyContent, these tools are natively integrated into one platform. Everything you need to manage your team, plan and produce content, is bundled in a single website. It's a platform designed with collaborative content production in mind.

User Roles and Permissions

Building a team means putting together a group of individuals with different expertise to work on different phases of content production. That's why assigning the correct role and giving them the appropriate permissions is important.

With EasyContent, you can create as many roles as you want. Example roles could be a writer, project manager, and editor. Then you can give them different types of permissions that allow them to do and see different things within the platform.

It's impossible to achieve this in Google Docs without the use of external project management tools.

Content Templates

One of the biggest problems with Google Docs is the lack of content templates. This can severely cripple the speed at which your team creates content due to ambiguity.

By using content templates, you can define clear goals and requirements for your articles, allowing your team to speed up content production by eliminating the element of ambiguity.

You can do this to an extent with Google Docs, but it's severely limited unless you use external tools or add-ons for this. Even then, this workaround still has some drawbacks of its own.

Project Management

EasyContent's assignments and tasks allow project managers to view items currently being worked on and items to be worked on, respectively. They can then assign work to someone or update an item, for example, its workflow status, deadline, or even switch its assigned user if needed.

It's impossible to do that on Google Docs. You will need external tools to achieve something similar.

One Platform Is All You Need

Google Docs require external tools to make it appropriate for collaborative content production. It's often upgraded to GSuite (which consists of multiple apps in one package) or paired with project management platforms like Asana and Trello. This means you'll need to manage multiple apps and platforms, adding overhead to your content production process.

EasyContent has everything your team needs, from project management to content production, all in one app and one dashboard. You don't have to worry again about maintaining and managing multiple subscriptions for multiple apps and websites or have to ensure that everyone belongs to and is working on the right project. This way, your entire team will be seamlessly working together to create content at scale.

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