How to archive a project?

If you want to hide a project or make it inactive but not delete it, then you'll want to archive it.

Archiving a Project

You can archive a project from the All Projects Dashboard. To access this, click Projects in the account level menu.

From there, find the specific project you want to archive.

Tip: You may want to use the search function in the upper left area of the page to help you find the project you want, especially if you have a lot of active projects.

Once you've found the project you want, click Actions Archive in the lower right corner of that project's card.

After that, the page will refresh and you'll see a green notification in the upper right corner of the page telling you that it's done!

You can now find your archived project at the bottom of the screen, hidden by the Show archived projects button.

Restoring or Deleting an Archived Project

If you want to restore an archived project, click the Show archived projects button shown in the image above and then find the project you want to restore then in that project's card, click Actions Restore.

If you want to delete an archived project, just follow the same steps, except that you'll want to select Delete instead. Deleting a project is permanent and irreversible, so take caution. 

There's also the Duplicate option, which will make an active copy of the archived project.