How to send a message to a team member?

To send a message to another team member, you first have to be in the same project as the person you want to send a message to.

Permissions and Sending Messages

Note: you can skip this section if you're not responsible for managing projects and team members.

Also, if this section is somewhat complicated, it's because it is! We're working on improving this, so keep your heads up for the upcoming updates. We have lots of new features and improvements coming soon!

A user could be given permission to Manage projects. This will give them the ability to view all projects in an account even the ones they're not assigned to.

Let's say we have User A with the manage projects permission.

Then we have User B. He doesn't have the manage projects permission.

We have Project X. User B is assigned to Project X. User A is not.

User A, even though he is not assigned to Project X, can still see and access this project, thanks to the manage projects permission.

User A can go into Project X, compose a message and send it to User B.

However, User B will not be able to reply to User A's message because User B can't see User A.

Users with minimal permissions won't see everyone. User B falls under this category. He will only see other users assigned to Project X.

User B tries to reply to User A, the message won't send.

What went wrong?

The reason behind this is User A is not assigned to Project X. Normally, User A and User B won't be able to send a message to one another unless they are both assigned to Project X. However, since User A has the manage projects permission, he was able to "circumvent" this and can send a message to User B. We're working on improving this, so stay tuned!

How to Send a Message to a Team Member?

There are three ways to send a message. The first one is through the mailbox accessible in the project level menu. The second one is through the workflow status widget in the sidebar of the content editor page. And the final one is through the project team widget in the project dashboard.

Option 1

In the project level menu, click Mailbox. This will bring out a dropdown showing you your most recent messages. Click "Go to mailbox" to go to the mailbox page.

Once you're on the page, you will notice on the left side of the screen, under Actions, the New message button (#1). This will allow you to compose a new message.

Select your recipients (#2). If your message has something to do with a certain item, you can select it from the "regarding" dropdown menu (#3). Note that the recipients will change to only include users assigned to one or more workflow statuses for the item you've selected.

Compose your message (#4) and then you have the option to either send or discard it (#5).

If you've sent it, you'll be able to view it in the Sent mail section which is accessible under the Navigation widget.

Option 2

In the content editor, you can directly send a message to a user assigned to one of the workflow statuses.

Under the workflow status widget, find the user you want to message and click the small "message icon" beside their name.

This will directly take you to the compose message page with all options (recipients and "regarding") automatically selected to match the item and user.

The only thing you need to do now is to type your message and then send it (or discard it if you changed your mind).

Option 3

In the project dashboard, under the Project team widget, you can directly send a message to a user.

Simply hover your mouse over the name of the user you want to message and an envelope icon will appear. When clicked, will take you directly to the compose message page for the said user.