How to send a message to a team member?

To message a user, you and that user must be assigned to at least one project together.

How to Send a Message to a Team Member?

There are three ways to send a message to a team member.

Option 1

Select a project in the project dropdown (#1) and then, in the account menu, click the mailbox icon (#2). This will bring out a dropdown menu. Click Go to mailbox (#3).

Once you're on the mailbox page, on the left-hand side of the page, find the New message button (#1).

Select your recipients (#2). If your message is about a content item, use the regarding field (#3) to attach that content item to your message. Note that the recipients will change to only include users assigned to one or more workflow statuses of the content item you've selected.

Compose your message (#4) and then either send or discard it (#5).

After you've sent the message, you can view it in your Sent Mail. You can access it under the Navigation widget on the left-hand side of the page.

Option 2

When editing a content item, you can send a message to users assigned to its workflow statuses.

Under the workflow status widget, find the user you want to message and click the envelope icon next to their name.

This will take you to the compose message page with the recipient and regarding fields automatically filled with appropriate information.

Option 3

On the project dashboard, under the Project Team widget, you can send a message to a user. Hover over their name and the envelope icon will appear. Click it and you will be sent to the compose message page for that user.

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