How to delete a project?

Deleting a project can be done either from All Projects View or through the Project Settings inside the project you want to delete.

Warning: Deleting a project is permanent! Consider archiving it instead, unless you're absolutely sure that you don't need everything in it anymore.

Delete a Project from All Projects View

  1. Access the All Projects View page by clicking Projects in the account level menu.
  2. Find the project you want to delete, click the dot menu on its card.
  3. Click Delete.

A dialog box asking if you really want to delete the project shows up.

This will serve as your last warning in case you accidentally clicked Delete or selected the wrong project. Carefully review this message to make sure you're deleting the right one and then click Confirm deletion.

Delete a Project Through the Project Settings

Go inside the project you want to delete. Then in the project level menu, under Configuration, go to Project Settings.

Once you're in Settings, click the red Delete project button. You'll get a dialog box asking you to confirm the project deletion.

Always double-check the project name to make sure it's actually the project you want to delete!