How to view a content item's HTML source code?

There are two ways to view an article's source code.

The first one is through Tools > Source code in the text editor's menu bar (more detailed info about the text editor can be found in our Text Editor Overview).

The second option is by clicking the source code icon "< >" in the text editor's standard toolbar.

HTML Source Code Editor

The EasyContent's HTML source editor comes with color-coding to make it easier to edit your code.

The HTML source code editor lets you:

  • Add inline styles
  • Add classes and IDs to HTML elements
  • Add entity codes (e.g. &amp; for ampersand)
  • Insert multimedia elements such as images, videos, and embed codes manually

However, you can't add scripts due to security reasons. If you try to insert a JavaScript code snippet, the editor will automatically clean it up.